A peek behind the scenes of interviews, photoshoots and tours.

Frank Turner UK tour - On Blackheath

A week ago I joined the guys in London, as they were preparing to play a festival called On Blackheath. It was a lovely day, though quite windy, and with the boys headlining we had quite a lot of spare time to walk around the festival site and look at WEIRDNESS! Of which there was A LOT! Weird statues both in the guest area and around the festival site. Massive marshmallow-like rabbits, wicker foxes playing fiddles... strange! 


The boys played a nice set after Imelda May who I may or may not have had a minor freakout walking past.. because SHE'S SO COOL! 

Didn't take a lot of pictures during the show because it was so cold, sorry. Did however get a shitty iPhone video of Four Simple Words!

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls - Studio Days

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls had a few days off tour in mid-august, and spent them rehearsing and demoing in a Hamburg studio. I on  the other hand spent most of those days shopping and eating sushi and falling in love with the amazing city Hamburg turned out to be with its art and parks everywhere.

I did however visit the guys in the studio, and got a few nice shots from there. So this is what it looks like when 5 guys are demoing in a studio in Hamburg:

So jealous of that Die Toten Hosen jacket...!

Steady there!

The songs are sounding great and I know the guys can't wait for the world to hear them. If you're heading to one of the UK shows these next couple of weeks, you'll probably get to hear some of them early! Worth the price of a ticket alone I feel!