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by:Larm 2016 - a selection of pictures

ARY playing Rockefeller during by:Larm 2016.

Last weekend, the massive music and media festival by:Larm (think a Nordic SXSW) happened in Oslo, Norway, and I worked there as a photographer and concert reviewer. Many amazing gigs were seen, some less good were endured, and I thought I'd share some of the shots here with you. The picture at the top of the page is Norwegian artist ARY, one of the most impressive gigs I saw at the entire festival. Watch out for this girl! 

Check out the gallery below, and as always, click on the thumbnails beneath for full size.

Frank Turner European tour: Germany

I joined Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls on some of their German dates in January, for their gigs in Hannover, Leipzig, Hamburg and Cologne. After a horrendous trip that included freezing at the bus stop, train station and airport in Norway, and then freezing some more at the airport, train station, another train station and then yet another train station in Germany, I finally made it to the venue - which had the most epic backstage bathroom ever! There's basically two things that Germans really do awesomely when it comes to gigs, it's the look of the venues themselves, and the backstages! All the venues the guys played in (that I came along to) were so industrial and awesome, I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The next day we got on a train to Leipzig and slept the entire way. Since it was the boys' day off, we "slugged it" the entire day, only went out for sushi and to do some shopping. As always I failed miserably at the shopping bit, but at least I got to be a unicorn for a few seconds!


Leipzig was another amazing venue, and the gig there was on my birthdaaaay!! I got this lovely bouquet of flowers backstage, and a friend came up from Berlin to join in the celebration which was very nice! 

The gig was great (as per usual), and I got two birthday wishes from the stage which was quite overwhelming since I didn't even expect one! Was considering crawling under the sound-desk and hiding and then remembered that no-one knew who they were talking about anyway so all was good! 

After Leipzig I took a little break from the tour, before re-joining in Hamburg a couple of weeks later. I fell in love with Hamburg the last time we were there, and the city didn't disappoint this time either. The boys had two gigs there, both sold out, and again, the venue was amazing! 

The second day there we met an amazing kid, who contacted Powell a while ago, asking if he could use a picture of him on his wheelchair. Of course he was allowed, and a few months later, we received pictures of the chair, which looked awesome. The boy, Sixten, is a massive fan of Frank and the Sleeping Souls, and his mom drove him and his brother down from Lübeck to meet his big idols. As a special treat, they were invited along to the soundcheck, and they got to meet face to face. The whole thing was the most joyful moments I've witnessed in a very very long time, and I may not ever have seen happier faces than theirs, when they could have a little chat before the day continued.

Awesome boys and awesome wheelchair.

Since we had a few days in Hamburg we had time to walk around for a bit, and all fell in love with the miniature museum where you could see the world in tiiiiiny scale. Even Scandinavia was represented, but my favourite was probably this massive (and yet mini) festival! We spent a few hours there, tried to do some shopping again - and failed miserably again, and then went back for the next show. The first Hamburg show pretty much killed us girls, the venue had the heaters on the entire time, and we were standing right by them, getting cooked both nights. We had to get out every now and then just to breathe, so it's safe to say they were totally hot gigs. Like, literally. 

Cologne was yet another awesome venue (the best one yet) and the biggest one of the tour. The last time we were there the boys played across the street at E-werk, and this time it was the Palladium. It. was. AWESOOOME!! 

Laura Kampf, who made the light boxes the band uses on stage, came over to say hello again, which was lovely!  We didn't spend a lot of time in Cologne, coming in the same day as the gig and leaving less than 15 minutes after the gig ended, but I got some great shots of the gig, so check them - as well as more pictures from the other gigs - out in the gallery (for bigger versions, click on the thumbnails underneath the gallery):

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls live in Zürich

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls got invited to support one of my all time favourite bands - Die Toten Hosen - in Switzerland last month. This was a stadium gig, at Stadion Letzigrund in Zürich. The last of three support-acts, the boys played to a nearly packed stadium, and were a big hit among the audience! Some pictures of the event below.

Click on the thumbnails for full picture.

Frank Turner UK tour - Oxford

Oxford Town Hall was the last gig of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls' September UK tour.

The town hall is an amazingly beautiful place, completely different from the minimalist places I'm used to from Scandinavia. There were worries about how the sound would be in such a venue, but either way, it was visually stunning!

I’m pretty sure the sound will still be traveling around the room two weeks from now!
— Graham Kay - Sound

The soundcheck was quite late, so most of the day was spent either running around shops getting "thanks for a great tour" presents for the crew, and sitting around backstage.

Nigel Powell: "And if you look at the sun, you'll probably go blind". Ben Morse: "....."

Hats! I do love them!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo and their biggest fan.

This being the last day of the tour, the boys prepared a few surprises for the show, such as a guest appearance during Koo Koo Kanga Roo's gig.

The _almost_ birthday boy!

Of course, the Koo Koos had equal shenanigans in mind...

A good gig was followed by lots of hugs, goodbyes and see-you-agains, it's always sad knowing you might not see people again, at least not for a very long time.

Frank Turner UK tour - Cambridge

Spent most of the day in Cambridge at the venue doing absolutely nothing except read and eat cookies. Productive. Also, apparently Cambridge is pronounced CAMEbridge! Even though there's no E! And it runs over the river Cam - pronounced CAM, not CAME. None of the boys could explain this, so I'm still puzzled as to why. I feel so Norwegian.

Two guys from Sound Attak interviewed and filmed Nigel for a YouTube- tour of his drumkit:


Was very excited to see "the other big university-city" in England, upon visiting Cambridge. For a number of reasons I didn't get to do much sightseeing there either, but what I DID see, was absolutely beautiful.

Not sure, Nige?

Portable tumble dryer!



Tarrant Anderson

Tarrant Anderson

KOO KOO KANGAROO TIME!! One of the highlights of every single night on this tour. 

Koo Koo Kangaroo are two deliciously insane guys from the US who have about the most brilliant lyrics and songs I've ever heard. The boys adore them, and though the audience tends to look shocked and appalled at the start of every set, during their limited time on stage they always manage to win the crowd over and make everyone join in on the spectacle.

Nigel and the Koo Koos

Nigel and the Koo Koos

The boys waiting for their cue to go on stage:

Another good gig, and amazing crowd! 

Sadly, this was my last night in the UK this time. Now home to shoot some other gigs, before rejoining the band in Oxford next week.