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To Kill A King


In the middle of the Easter week, on April Fools day, British band To Kill A King visited Oslo. It was the last gig of their European tour, and even though they were pretty exhausted (a couple of the crew were sleeping 10 meters away from the very loud soundcheck when I arrived at the venue), they were super nice and friendly. 

Grabbed a coffee and had a seat outside the venue with vocalist Ralph Pelleymounter and had a nice little chat about music, touring, records and mutual friends. And vans. Like you do. (Don't worry T, the van's in good shape!).

He told me their European tour had been pretty awesome, Germany and Switzerland in particular, whereas they'd been a lot more nervous about the gigs in Sweden and Norway. And, turns out, he had good reason. The Stockholm gig had been "surprisingly not bad" despite not a lot of people showing up, and the Oslo gig... well... Some unfortunate stuff happened, some unfortunate reactions happened, but I like to think that the end of the gig redeemed everyone and that both band and audience left the venue in a good mood and with good memories. Talked to a couple of the guys after the gig and they both assured me they hadn't been scared off of coming back to Oslo, so all is good!

The interview in full (and in English) can be found HERE at Musikknyheter!