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Honningbarna is an amazing punk-band from a southern town in Norway, whose gigs have made them both famous and infamous in and outside Norway. Their lyrics are at times political, most times critical and reflecting, and they match them up with catchy melodies, energy and a hunger for what they're doing. Having seen them live several times in and outside Norway, reviewed their albums, spoken with them a couple of times because of mutual friends,

and oddly enough performed with them a couple of years ago (check out the video on the right), I was thrilled to get the chance to interview these impressive young men. 

During one of the most hectic days of 2015 so far, I met up with them at Oslo's Kulturhuset, had a long and lovely chat with lots of laughter (the best kinds of interviews in my opinion), and then went outside into the blistering Nordic winter cold to do a mini photoshoot. They were shivering with cold, was shivering with cold, and I was certain that this would turn my vision into a complete disaster, but I managed to keep still long enough to get the shots I wanted!

Check out the whole interview (in English) HERE!