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I know I normally only post photography-related stuff on here, but sometimes things happen that I just need to talk about, even though it's not at all work-related. In early August, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls had their release-gig for “Positive Songs For Negative People” and, being a massive Frank Turner fan, actor Tim Omundson came over to hang out. Now it just so happens that I'm as massive a fan of one of HIS current TV-shows, Galavant, so when Nige spilled the beans on that a few hours later, we were promptly invited down to their set in Bristol to watch them make season 2! To me, this is one of those “haha we all know that's never gonna happen but I really appreciate the gesture” situations, but what do you know, a few weeks later, we are in the car, driving down to Bristol on one of the rainiest days of the year.

"Way back in days of old, there was a legend told about a hero known as Gaaalavaaant"

Maybe the best love song ever.

Galavant, for those who are unaware of this genius piece of TV history, is a comedy musical Disney style (look out for Sidney Land), set in a sort of medieval era full of castles, heroes, evil (though really just whimsical) kings, even eviler queens, princesses, knights (as well as stranded pirates, loopy magicians, scheming servants, jesters, eunuchs, and more cameos than you can count on.. well, one hand anyway), and love. Kinda. All of this, accompanied by the catchiest music you can imagine, which is one of the reasons why you'll still play this on repeat in the background having re-watched it enough times to know every line by every character in every episode by heart.

We ended up in a forest by a lake, where they were shooting a scene between King Richard (Tim) and Galavant (Joshua Sasse), and though we were warned that it would be really boring watching two guys repeating the same lines over and over, it really really wasn't.

The cast & crew discussing the next scene between takes.

In fact, it was one of the most interesting experiences I've had in a long time (I may have had a super pathetic boring life though, who knows) watching them tweak the lines from take to take and thus changing the whole feel of the scene, as well as watching their crew work their cameras and mics and monitors and makeup and oh my god I wish I could have stayed there for days! Also got to meet producer Dan Fogelman which was amazing!

Just after noon we had lunch with Tim and an actress who is a new character in season 2 (I think they've spoiled the whole thing on twitter themselves but I'll still keep my mouth shut just in cases). SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and I could barely eat any of it because I was so nervous. Sigh.

We had to leave shortly after, but not before they had made me do the very thing I've vowed never to do – have my picture taken with my idols. It's by far the most cringeworthy thing anyone can ever make me do, and yet... here they are! Hot tip, ignore me, look at the guys instead!

Nigel Powell, Tim Omundson and.. me.

Nigel Powell, Tim Omundson and.. me.

Tim Omundson and Joshua Sasse.

Tim Omundson and Joshua Sasse.