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Meeting Mew!

A couple of weeks ago, I broke one of my rules. I've always had this thing of not wanting to meet - and certainly not interview - my own idols and heroes. There are several reasons for this, but the most important ones are 1: The risk of making an absolute fool of myself in front of people I have all the respect for, and 2: They might be dicks. I really don't want my idols to turn out to be dicks. And ignorance, in this case, is bliss. So when I was asked - in less than 24 hours' notice - if I wanted to interview Mew, only my number one above any other absolute favourite band (i.e the only band whose logo I could ever imagine tattooing onto my body), my reply was, and I quote: "Djdjdjfjejzkdkwkdk uuuuuuuh... Help!!! Yes, but help, but yes?"

We actually signed a contract in red pen when we first started playing, because we wanted it to look like blood!
— Jonas Bjerre

Less than 24 hours later, I found myself nervously pacing Angst Bar in Oslo, waiting for vocalist Jonas Bjerre and guitarist Bo Madsen to finish the interview they were doing prior to mine. Analysing my own questions ("Are they good enough? Are they too geeky? Is it too obvious that I'm a fan? Is that lame??") when suddenly Mr. Madsen came around the corner, all smiles and greeting me. From thereon out, it was smooth sailing. The fact that they were 10 minutes late for my interview even became a good thing, as they asked if I - if I wasn't busy later - wanted to meet up after their remaining interviews and finish up MY interview before they left for Finland. 

All my fears of meeting these guys were unfounded. I've rarely ever met sweeter, nicer, funnier, more polite and cheekier bands. We discussed new and old music ("An Envoy To The Open Fields was the most difficult song we ever played live. We'd just be standing there counting looking ridiculous"), the return of Johan Wohlert ("He rang us one day and we just: «Don't think so buddy, you backed out! ...Ok, we'll think about it but don't get your hopes up!»"), and the insanely long time between their albums ("I'll give you the release date for the next album right here and now! Exclusively! It will be...") 

When I met them the second time, Bo told me "I'm sorry, I've used up all my funny now", which turned out to not be true at all. We talked about friends' mutual friends ("Black Dick? We always called him Dickward"), and I got to do a mini photo-shoot as well as get a video of them plugging the interview and the website it's featured on. Score!

To read the whole thing, and to get the answer to when the next album will be out, check out! Worry not, it is in English!