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Frank Turner UK Tour 2015 - part I

After nearly two months in America, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls had as much as 36 hours at home (at least the lucky ones) to recover before heading out on the month long UK tour. I joined them for the first 3 dates in Wales and Southampton, and got to catch a glimpse of the new stage set at the first soundcheck. The awesome light boxes featuring the plus and minus from the album-cover, are designed by Laura Kampf, and light up in different colours throughout the gig.

Llandudno, our first stop, was this lovely coastal place with a pier and long beaches. Unfortunately the weather scared us inside, but managed to snap a few shots before having to escape back to the venue to save my camera from the rain (as per usual, most pictures are clickable for bigger versions):


After a sleepy overnight drive to Southampton, we found ourselves in even worse weather, so the next couple of days were mostly spent indoors. Managed to do some Christmas shopping and was very pleased with myself, it IS only November after all. Oddly enough, in our double bed hotel room there was a spare single bed and this note... I'm only half convinced it was a coincidence... 


A pleasant surprise met us at the Civic Center venue, our friend Tim Omundson had gone on a very crowded train to join the tour for a few days, being a massive Frank Turner fan. So lovely meeting him again, especially in warmer and dryer surroundings than last time. Oh the glamour of backstage dining:

Tim Omundson and Nigel Powell

Tim Omundson, Nigel Powell and Frank Turner

Ben Morse, Matt Nasir and Tim Omundson being onstage paparazzi.

Found a ghost boy!

Tim Omundson waiting to go onstage in Southampton


The Southampton shows were great fun, good crowds and good company, with lots of friends and family driving in from all over. Tim got on stage and played harmonica on "I Still Believe" again, which was VERY popular among the audience! Managed to catch his bit (and the rest of the song) on video, check it out here:


More backstage "glamour": This is what one looks like after nights on a bus and days in different venues, at least before makeup and fancy clothes happens when it's gig time. Some day I'm pretty sure I'll end up with one single dreadlock. Thank god for hoodies, eh?

After the Southampton gigs I had to go home, but will be rejoining in Bristol. Until then, work, work, and more work.