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2016, the year of Crazy.

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Partly because I've been too busy. Partly because I haven't really known what to write and what to leave out. 

This spring got a bit crazy. Not only have I traveled more than my health technically allows, but when I've been home, there has been non-stop action with work and other activities. In March, I managed to make headlines in Norwegian national newspapers, having outed some rock bands/artists on sexual harassment. I wrote a post on facebook, as a comment on this Spin-article. I wrote as a support to the author, and mentioned my own experiences as a female music journalist, and the next day, one of the biggest Norwegian newspapers rang me up as I was on my way to the airport. They wanted to run a story on it. I accepted - having conferred with many female friends who backed me up - on the condition that I got to check quotes and facts before it was published. That day was spent on the phone and mail with them, with record companies who called me saying the newspaper had called them, and it all got a bit nuts. That was before the article was even posted. 

Screenshot of the article.

Then, the next day when the article DID go online, things really got crazy. I refused to visit any comment fields or read anything other than actual articles - for the sake of my own self esteem and sanity - knowing all too well that the trolls living in the depths of internet's dark ponds have absolutely nothing to do with me, my story, my experiences or anything even slightly related to it. And thus, have nothing to contribute with. I still know that I'm easily hurt, and chose to stay away. Which, according to friends, was a wise move. They, however, did stick up for me. The number of supporting mails, texts, comments on my facebook profile, on the article when people shared it and people commenting on their shared articles, were overwhelming and comforting. A few days later, the newspaper followed up with another article on the subject, having interviewed several more women in different parts of the industry, who confirmed my experiences, shared theirs, and cheered me on. It's such a common thing, and this is the first people have heard, read, and talked about it in a long long time. Maybe ever. And the stories just kept coming. Another story followed a week later, and eventually it all died down. Nothing's changed, probably. It will still happen, definitely. But now, people might be a little bit more prepared and aware. And if that's the case, then it was all worth it.