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Frank Turner UK tour - Cambridge

Spent most of the day in Cambridge at the venue doing absolutely nothing except read and eat cookies. Productive. Also, apparently Cambridge is pronounced CAMEbridge! Even though there's no E! And it runs over the river Cam - pronounced CAM, not CAME. None of the boys could explain this, so I'm still puzzled as to why. I feel so Norwegian.

Two guys from Sound Attak interviewed and filmed Nigel for a YouTube- tour of his drumkit:


Was very excited to see "the other big university-city" in England, upon visiting Cambridge. For a number of reasons I didn't get to do much sightseeing there either, but what I DID see, was absolutely beautiful.

Not sure, Nige?

Portable tumble dryer!



Tarrant Anderson

Tarrant Anderson

KOO KOO KANGAROO TIME!! One of the highlights of every single night on this tour. 

Koo Koo Kangaroo are two deliciously insane guys from the US who have about the most brilliant lyrics and songs I've ever heard. The boys adore them, and though the audience tends to look shocked and appalled at the start of every set, during their limited time on stage they always manage to win the crowd over and make everyone join in on the spectacle.

Nigel and the Koo Koos

Nigel and the Koo Koos

The boys waiting for their cue to go on stage:

Another good gig, and amazing crowd! 

Sadly, this was my last night in the UK this time. Now home to shoot some other gigs, before rejoining the band in Oxford next week.