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On tour with Flogging Molly and Frank Turner

Flogging Molly live at Red Rocks, 2016.

Flogging Molly live at Red Rocks, 2016.

This post was supposed to be posted half a year ago, but for reasons unknown even to me, it was abandoned in a half-finished state. So instead, as the biggest throwback ever, I'm gonna attempt to finish and post it now. Enjoy!

In August, I was lucky enough to join the guys on the road in America once more, this time touring with the fab Flogging Molly as well. I joined the guys in Oakland, San Fransisco, and had two days to just walk around and do sightseeing, which was pretty great. We were very lucky with the weather, thought it was disappointingly chilly. I thought you were supposed to be in California!! Shows how much a Scandi knows about the different weather conditions in one state. 

Oh, and it was somewhat windy...

But my favourite thing about San Fransisco (except having the theme song to Full House stuck in my head for two days straight), was Lombard Street with its twists and turns. So cool!! At the end of our two Oakland/San Fransisco days, the boys performed at a venue in Oakland which was beyond amazing looking. It was pretttty spectacular! 

From Oakland we drove through California, and visited some spectacular places. I tried all the greasy american food that we literally can't get in Norway because it's too unhealthy, and didn't die! But then again, 10 days....

Breakfast is served!

Breakfast is served!

Even had the time to go by Santa Barbara beach and wave to the lifeguards and have a swim in the sea. WHICH WAS FREEZING BTW, WTF CALIFORNIA!? And also saw the Stand By Me boys. They've grown up, but are still walking along the railroads. 

In San Diego, we visited the university where the band was playing that evening, (and it made me question every single educational choice I've ever made in my entire life because IMAGINE STUDYING IN A PLACE WITH THAT KIND OF CLIMATE)! 

Red Rocks was, of course, the highlight of the trip/year/decade/life, I can't even begin to describe it so pictures!

The rest of the trip kind of went by in a blur, though we went through some super charming places. I fell oddly in love with Cedar City where we stopped over for a day, before heading into Nebraska. There I got to see fireflies for the first time in my life!!

After that, it was sadly time to go home. And the nightmare trip I had that was well and truly documented in my previous post, so I'm not gonna get into that again haha. It was all totally worth it! Flu and all!