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I met 90s heroes Suede!

A couple of months ago, I found out that 90s heroes Suede were releasing a new album and an accompanying film, and were going to have a pre-screening + Q&A in Oslo a few months before the actual release. I hurried online to ask if I could possibly be at the pre-screening, and a few minutes later I'd secured a spot! Not only that, but the label representative also wondered if I would like to interview the guys the following day! After a few moments of panic I decided that I couldn't NOT do it, so I said yes. Of course!

The Q&A took place the day after I got home from a tourbus in the UK, and I was pretty ill with a so-called "tour lurgy". Still, I showed up at the cinema and had a lovely time watching the film. The Brett Anderson and bassist Mat Osman came in after the film was done, and I was worried they hadn't fed us Norwegians enough alcohol to dare ask questions in plenum, but it all went smoothly. I asked a question - despite not having the healthiest sounding voice in the world, and was complimented on the question from both band and fans. Also had a quick banter with Osman afterwards, and told them I'd see them the next day. 

Waking up the next day however, I had a fever, was coughing my lungs out and had practically no voice. I called friends and my boyfriend all morning croaking like a crow trying to soften my voice up before the interview, but to no avail. When I showed up at posh hotel The Thief and got to their suite, I was a bit worried they'd throw me out for being contagious, but it turned out they were feeling pretty rough themselves.

The interview itself was fun doing, they're lovely guys and we spent just as much time talking about troublesome hotel technology vs troublesome tourbus technology and music in general as we did about their projects. We spent a lot of time talking about the film they've made for the new album, a film shot by photographer Roger Sargent, and entirely his experience and interpretation of the music. I mentioned that I found it weird how - when I got the album sample from their record label a few days earlier - the gapless songs still had gaps between them, which made Mat shoot up from the sofa and run over to the label representatives to interrogate them - this was not how it was meant to be at all! 3 Points to the observant journalist, haha. 

After the interview I shot some portraits of Brett, said my goodbyes, and then hurried home and back to bed to get better. Now, a few months later, I'm off to see the actual gig, with the film the way it's ACTUALLY meant to be screened - in front of the band on stage. Should be very interesting indeed! The interview I did with the guys is available to read HEREat It's in English with a link to the Norwegian version for those who'd want that. Enjoy!