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We went to Boston and saw Fenway Park from the inside!!

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls played sold out nights at House Of Blues in Boston in August, and at the opposite side of the streets is FENWAY PAAAARK!! Home of the Red Sox and what most of us Europeans consider the heart of American culture, baseball! 

Now, admittedly, I understand very little of the game (Ball? Box? Strike? What?), but seeing it att in real life was still on my bucket list! Also, it's in Boston and any Boston sports team is my american sports team. So when we got the offer of coming in to see Fenway Park from the inside before the game, we couldn't say no! We were brought in at the same time as one of the big stars from the team arrived in his ever so slightly compensating car (we named it the Dinosaur because of the sound of the engine), and were led through the tunnels underneath the stadium and out onto the field where we were told stories and history and facts about the place and the team.

One of the really cool things was that our guide, a fan of the band, works the old-school manual scoreboard in the stadium, putting the score numbers into the appropriate slots during the game – a tradition they've kept despite digitalized boards, internet and score-apps. As if that wasn't enough, we got to sign the walls inside the score-board! Even a nobody like me!

Later in the afternoon, a few of us went to the actual gig as well, and with a lot of help from my friends, I could actually understand what was happening after a while. But to be honest, I was super happy just sitting in the crowd, eating nachos, drinking beer and feeling the electric vibe of the place. It was all prettty awesome!