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Minneapolis -> Oslo - A travel nightmare

Just got back from an AMAZING trip around parts of America, about which I will post pictures and stories later. But first, my nightmarish trip back home. See, getting home from Minneapolis was supposed to be easy. A 5 hour flight to Iceland, and then another 3 hours' flight to Oslo. HAHAHAHA no.

Sat on the plane on the runway and all hell breaks loose above. Got a warning of spring flood on my phone, lightning every two seconds and torrential rain. Airport shut down before the plane had time to get back, couldn't take off, so they had to turn the engines off and wait it out. For a couple of hours. Finally managed to take off, and landed at Keflavik at 8 in the morning, half an hour after my connecting flight had left. And as for a new flight? 6 pm! 10 hours later! With SAS, because all the other flights to Norway (which left several hours earlier) were full. Aaaargh! And apparently they had no available hotel rooms, so had to get my bags out, and check them back in. 



Except check in didn't open until 4 pm. Which meant 8 hours in the check-in hall, sat on my luggage, trying desperately not to fall asleep since, infamously, this is strictly forbidden at Keflavik. Warning signs like these are found everywhere, and legends tell of guards kicking people awake to reinforce this.

Trying to find comfortable places (and company) to sit (not around large groups of tourists, drunk men or sliding doors letting the freezing Icelandic air in) proved a challenge and I've now seen way more of that hall than I ever wished to. I got food vouchers worth a lot of money, but they were only valid in the departure area. Which was out of my reach for all of those 8 hours

Of course.

My view for large portions of the day.

My view for large portions of the day.

At last check in opened (and I was helped by a guy so kind and friendly I teared up of exhaustion and relief) and for two glorious hours I was in departure hall heaven, with restaurants (that closed halfway through my stay), proper toilets, heating and seats! Proper seats!! No sleep though, I was too busy trying to make people accept my vouchers and get enough food to last me the rest of the trip.

Got on the plane, and half an hour after we were supposed to lift off, we were told they had trouble closing the cargo door. Like you do. To make things better, the trip was only just over 2 hours, which almost made me cry of happiness again. Got to Oslo, and couldn't find my luggage! Inexplicably, it had been taken off the baggage carousel and stashed nearby with no message. Locating this, meant missing my bus home. So had to do trains, then run to my local bus with two bags, backpack and purse dangling from arms and shoulders. Hello astma! Finally walked through the door at home 26 hours after I got in an Uber in Minnesota, and 14 hours after I was originally meant to be home. I lost a whole day in the process. Left Wednesday, got home Friday. This was supposed to be easy! But, to be fair, the trip to Red Rocks alone made it aaaaaall worth it. The rest of the tour was a pretty decent bonus as well.

Now, sleep. And sleep. And more sleep. Goodnight!