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I met Biffy Clyro!

The first time I heard Biffy Clyro was when they released Mountains back in 2008, and instantly loved the music. Two years later, I met a family who are now some of my best friends through the band, when we were all waiting in a staircase up to a TV studio where Biffy were doing an acoustic concert. Fast forward 6 years, and I've seen the band live numerous times (most of them in Norway, they just keep coming back!), both their own headline gigs, supporting other bands, and at festivals. So when Warner contacted me and asked me if I'd like to interview the guys in London, I replied YES within 2 minutes of getting the mail.

A rainy day in May I went to the Warner HQ in London, and waited around for a bit in the canteen while they finished up other interviews and lunch. I was then lead into the room, and the next half hour consisted of cheerful giggles and jokes. The guys are obviously still the best of friends, teasing each other, roaring with laughter, and seemingly just as interested in hearing about my life as I was in hearing about theirs. Those kinds of interviews are by far the best ones, where conversation flows naturally back and forth, rather than becoming stilted question/answer interviews. 

Time flew by way way too fast, I managed to ask about 4 out of 15 questions, and then it was time for a mini photoshoot before I left them to their next interview. The photoshoot was just as cheerful - as you can see from the photos - and they were very amused when I pointed out the common theme in their clothing: their sneakers. Very well coordinated guys!

I was wondering if I'd get at all starstruck upon meeting them, but they made it very easy not to be. Just three, extraordinarily nice Scottish guys, so open and welcoming, as well as professional and easy to work with. It's always scary to work with people you admire. If they're dicks, they ruin your respect for their art as well. But then there are the opposite ones, who are everything you wish them to be, and more. Biffy Clyro are definitely the latter. 

You can read the entire interview here.

Oh, and their new album? It's bloody fantastic!! You can all look forward to July 10th!